Become your own Champion and be Obsessed with yourself!

This is a public service announcement to remind you that you should be obsessed with yourself. 

You are allowed to be in love with yourself, what you do and how you put yourself together. It’s healthy to be obsessed with your own demeanour. Focus on your own self and the rest will follow.

Once you’re happy with everything in your life, everything else will fall into place.

I’ve recently started focusing on myself and creating my own life before welcoming someone else into my world. I’ve made my plans for this year that are all about making myself happy and creating a life that I love. As normal human beings, we are always on the look out for attention, craving someone to hold us at night and make us happy. For sure, it definitely does help but it’s not always the way to happiness.

Happiness is about being completely content. And breaking news, you can, and are allowed to, make your own happiness.

Simply become obsessed with yourself and love everything little thing that you do!

Even the smallest achievements should be celebrated. Something as simple as getting up before 7AM in the morning on a weekend and making the most of it is an achievement. If you want to get ahead, then the best thing to do is grab life by the balls and run with it.

Make a list of all of the things in your life that make you who you are, make you happy and even the plans for your future (whether it be the next hour, day, month or year!) Simply discovering what it is that makes you tick is vital to finding out what will better yourself. Spend time doing the things that you love, whilst working on the bad stuff at the same time (but don’t sweat that too much!)

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Boast about the things you do on social media. Become your own mascot and cheer on your own success. People might find it annoying, but it will really remind you who your real friends are because they will be right beside you like your own personal cheerleader – go you!

Alternatively, turn off your phone for the day! If if you don’t like to admit it, we have become too obsessed with likes and retweets that we seem to forget that they actually don’t make the world go around (I know right, who knew?!) Spend the time reading instead, or go out exploring and find new places. Do some writing – document your day in a diary to go back to every time you lose grip of what you’re doing it all for. Keeping a diary can keep you on track, whilst remembering everything that you did; you can even begin to associate your emotions with how you felt at a specific time which can be uplifting if you ever have a bad day.

Champion yourself. Everything you do, do it with passion. Do it with pride. Shove it down everyone else’s throat.

Focus your time on celebrating the things in your life. Create your happy place. Live your dreams. And most importantly, become obsessed with yourself.

p.s. you’re great.

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