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Hello everyone! I hope we have all had an enjoyable few weeks, from Halloween to Bonfire Night, it’s been a busy one! And now it is turning colder and the need to layer up is upon us, I thought I would bring another outfit to inspire you!

I believe that a jacket can be the decider for an outfit, taking it from a good one to a great one – this is why I think the jacket is the statement piece for anything you wear in Autumn/Winter.

No one likes to be wearing too much colour in the colder months, so having a black jacket with a splash of dark red, like the one above from Antony Morato, can be something that everyone is able to wear. Some guys are so sceptical of wearing too much colour altogether – usually opting for monochrome – so I think something like this style can be worn all year round, not just when it’s chilly!

Continuing with the dark theme, I chose the jumper and trousers (both knitted to keep you warm) to compliment the leather jacket and make sure it is appealing to everyone this Winter.

And of course, no outfit is complete without keeping your little toes warm. Adding colour with your socks might be an option if you’re a little wary of incorporating colour into your look. And they’re a great stocking filler too *hint hint* (guys we all secretly love to get some socks on Christmas morning.)

Winter certainly throws some of the worst weather at us, so getting a pair of boots that are able to withstand all of the elements is important. Whether it’s torrential downpours, a foot deep of snow or blistering winds, then these boots from Redwing will be perfect for keeping your feet intact.

So there we have it, another outfit ready for whenever you start feeling the cold. I’d love to know what you think of my choices, do let me know of your Autumn/Winter favourites and especially if you go ahead and buy any of the items.


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