Autumn Favourites

Autumn. Yay! September. Yay! 2017 is nearly over, Ya– oh?

How bloody speedy has this year gone? It only seems like yesterday that I was setting New Years Resolutions (which still haven’t been completed – anyone else?) and saying that this year was gonna be the one…

Anywho, I thought I would bring you and update on what is actually going on in my life, alongside some of my favourite things at the moment and what I’m currently loving.

Liam Pitts: Autumn Favourites- River Island Shirt; Topman Embroidered Jumper; Timex Watch; Diesel Bad; B. Mens 4-in-1 Wash; GQ.

I’m definitely one of the people that gets so set on something, that I’m blind to anything else that is put in front of me. If I find some new grooming product that works wonders, I will use that for a very long time until I pluck up the courage to go out there and try something new.

My latest find is the Volcanic Cleansing 4-in-1 Wash from Superdrug which does exactly what it says on the tin. It can be used for almost anything you can think of in regards to your grooming regime: wash your hair, cleanse your face and a few little added extras too! This product is a newest addition to the B. Men range that I have been a huge fan of for a while now. Not only is it cruelty-free (yas!), it smells heavenly and leaves your skin feeling glorious all day. I can guarantee that I will be using this for a long time before I get brave and try and find something new.

As it’s getting colder, it’s important to dress the part. I’m a lover of waiting for the sales and finding gems to refresh my wardrobe ready for the Autumn. Yes, it’s great to get the newest items as soon as they drop in the shops, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about discovering a hidden diamond behind the mounds of discount tags. This month I found the shirt from River Island and I’m actually in awe. Initially, I didn’t like the look of it because of the colour, but after trying it on, I simply had to buy it. Stripes because yes. Brown because why not? And long sleeves because they are needed. It’s a real winner in my eyes.

Now, I’m not a fan of jewellery but I’m a ginormous watch fiend. I honestly feel naked if I don’t have a watch around my wrist (too much information?) As a lover of Timex since the beginning of time (get it??), I am always looking for the latest to their range that I can get my hands on. On this occasion it’s the MK1 Aluminium which is a bit different to the watches I usually go for but it’s fun to mix it up a bit. It sticks to the traditional Timex clock-face and Indiglo back-light but with a more of a sporty look, as opposed to smart and classy – which I love!

So, it’s getting colder and it’s time to throw on the layers. Embroidered jumpers are the thing this season; this one from Topman is perfect. The small and subtle rose embroidery is simple enough without being too much. The jumper is super cosy, so just right for the cold weather to come. I always like to go for a size up to help me with the feeling of complete coverage and snugability (have I just made up a new word?)

No favourites list would be complete without a new scent for the season. Yep, I’m super late with this one, but I’m completely and totally in love with Diesel Bad at the moment. I went into the shop looking for something new, smelt it almost straight away and didn’t enjoy any of the other things I tried afterwards. I was set on getting it because of the subtly of the scent that has woody base-notes. Spoiler, if you buy it from House of Fraser at the moment, you get a complimentary wash bag and shower gel with your purchase, so go.

I’m always with a magazine, I’m always looking forward to the newest issue of GQ coming through my letterbox at the beginning of the month and being able to sit and just read. I’m a fan of finding out the latest news in the men’s fashion world and being in-the-know about the trends/styles that are available. Most of my inspiration comes from magazines like this. Are you still a magazine reader? What are your favourites?

So, there you have it, my Autumn update of my favourite things. Let me know if you agree or with some recommendations of what I should try out!

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