Autumn edit: 5 products I swear by

Hello, hi, good day, happy Autumn (aka the best season ever!)

I’ve been a bit MIA lately; going on holiday, getting a job promotion and generally just loving life so my blog has been a bit neglected.


But now it’s getting colder and I’m having to spend more & more of my time inside, I can get right back on with bringing you my favourites. This latest instalment is a Autumnal version of my previous post 5 products I swear bySo let’s get right into it.


First up, is the 5 in 1 shower gel from L’oreal Paris because, just, well, what’s not to love?! If you’re looking for that one product to use in the shower that does absolutely everything (and I literally mean eeeeeeverything), then this one is for you. Not only is it for your hair and body – just like standard shower gel – this miracle worker can be used to wash your face and even as shaving gel: all whilst moisturising your skin. Need I say more?


If, like me, you like to have an array of products in your wash bag, then the Deep Clean shampoo from Toni & Guy is a must-have. Suitable for everyday use, the strong and minty smell of this shampoo leaves you feeling funky fresh, ready to take on your daily activities. This wonder has been proven to clarify your scalp, combat product build-up and give your hair a compete detox.


As you probably know, because I say every frickin’ time I write one of these type of posts, I have super sensitive skin so finding the right product for my face is vital. With a little bit of research and constant umming and aghhing, I finally took the plunge and went for the Sensitive Face Wash by Nivea and I’m so glad I did. It doesn’t just work wonders for my skin (I’m seeing a real difference in just two weeks since I started using it), but it has made my morning routine a doddle. Just a quick lather and rinse is enough to keep my skin feeling clean and soft throughout the day.


After you’ve done all your cleaning, it’s now down to the finer details. Again, something I always mention (I bet you’re yawning, right?), is that my hair is absolutely diabolical at styling – so whenever I find a product that I love I just latch onto it and hold on for dear life. My latest find is the styling Fiber from American Crew which is truly fantastic. It holds well, doesn’t look greasy/shiny and holds for the whole day! It’s definitely one to be applied quickly in the morning before running out of the house – and you can be sure that it will last, whatever the weather!


The last instalment from this post is the one that can be thrown in your bag for whenever you need it. This body spray from the Lynx Signature range is the last product that’s essential for everyday use. I opted for the earthier option Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla because I love a good musky/woody smell that infuses the nose with nature and the outdoors. The scent lasts a super long time, it lets off just the right amount of aroma and you only need a tiny spray for full coverage as the recipe has been refined by removing the gas; allowing for a more intense smell without being too overpowering.

So that’s my Autumn range that I’m loving. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below if you agree with my choices – or tell me your favourites & I’ll try them out.

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