Anerkjendt AW14

Hello lovely people, I’m slowly getting back into regularly blogging and bringing you my view on the fashion world.

This time it’s all about the brand Anerkjendt, who I have written about before & am writing about them again because they are just so amazing.

They are another brand, just like Native Youth that I blogged about the other day, that fits exactly within my style.

This seasons sees them mix it up a bit, creating 3 different looks for the modern man.

Firstly, the delve into a more grungy, rock ‘n’ roll look, opting for dark colours and bold fabrics. Then, they look back in time to the Cowboys and Indians are for the more playful gent. And finally, they add a fun splash of patterns and colours in for good measure. 

This collections reminds us the the brand certainly isn’t afraid of working with fabrics, layers and colours and just go with the motions and work with what they know (which is a lot considering how fantastic this season is!)

I’ve picked a few of my favourites from the collection, I hope you like them. Check out their website ( for more and tell me your favourites too.

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