An Ode to 2017 & New Beginnings

An ode to 2017 and beginning 2018 with confidence

So there we have it, another year is over and we are catapulted right back to the beginning once again.

2017 is over, been and gone and 2018 has been thrust upon us with such force that it’s time to start thinking of the resolutions that usually get thrown away 2 weeks in (you know I’m right!)

2018 feels different. I woke up this morning – slightly hungover I must add – with an overwhelming sense of determination. I don’t know what it is, or why, but I have feeling this year is the one. I know I say that every single year, but it feels like a fire has ignited inside of me, the fog has cleared from in front of my eyes and I have a proper vision of where it’s all heading.

After reading a post by one of my favourite bloggers, I felt inspired to write down what I have learnt from the past year and what I am taking with me into the new one. Stay with me on this one, it could be long.

I’m currently sat in my comfies, shovelling biscuits down my throat and listening to George Michael all whilst still having a niggling headache. Here goes.

Like Rhianna said in her post, I think it’s so important to look back in retrospect of the year just gone and think about all of the experiences (even the bad ones) and achievements that have sculpted you into the person you are today – facing the New Year with a fresh start, a clean slate and beginning with a whole different outlook.

This time last year I was waking up from my first (and last) night out on the town for New Years Eve with a crushing fear that I had not started it off the right way. I felt like that start was not how it should’ve happened – and maybe that’s why 2017 didn’t feel likeĀ theĀ one.

It was an okay year. Not fantastic. Just okay!

The first good thing to happen was getting signed off for my job and feeling super proud. After over 6 months of training and very very long hours, I finally got to the stage that I had been working so hard towards (and the pay-rise of course!)

After working so hard, earning money and being able to spend it on whatever I liked, I went on to pass my driving test and get my first car. To some people, driving isn’t an achievement, but to me I felt like it set me free and gave me much more independence. I was able to go out and clear my head whenever I wanted (I’ve clocked up about 4000 miles already in around 6 months oops) and that did wonders for my own sanity.

I grew so much as a person. And I finally started to believe in myself and begin to accept myself as a person. I learnt that loving yourself is the most important thing. I realised that I was me, in whatever way, shape or form, and that is totally okay!

I spent time with the people that make me the most happy. I made time for my family and friends in ways that I never did before. We are adults, we have lives and we all have different schedules, I knew that but putting in that extra little bit of effort put me at ease.

I made the decision to go Vegetarian which has changed my life.

2018 feels good you know.

I’ve been chatting to my best friend all day about what we want to achieve this year and we both agree that this is it.

No fucking around. No more excuses. Now is the time to start making things happen.

This is the year of great things. And I honestly believe that for the first time ever. It’s mine and now is the time to take it and run with it further than ever before.

I want to grow more as a person. I want to become truly independent and become a real adult.

I want to move out. I want to get a new job. I want to discover new places. I want to make this year all about me. I am turning 25 this year and I think it’s time to get my shit together and act like it – even if that does mean spending all my money on bills: that’s what adults do right?

Here’s to you 2018 *raises glass of water in a toast because I am still slightly fragile*

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