6 Instagrams to follow

Instagram is, arguably, the best social media outlet that we have in our lives and I’m sure most of us spend countless hours on the app. Whether it’s scrolling through endless blogger’s wardrobes, dreaming of perfect holidays or compiling a list of your top 10 favourite dogs, it undoubtedly eats away at the hours in our day.

I for one cannot get enough and I always find myself still scrolling at 1am wondering where on Earth the time went. So that’s why I’ve decided to bring you a list of my favourite accounts to follow, spread the love and encourage a conversation – because we all know that the latest Instagram update has taken a beating on our engagement.

6 Instagrams to Follow

There’s always that one account that makes you jealous, and for me that is Charlie Irons. With his constant jet-setting life, impeccable style and love for good food, this is one account that I recommend everyone to follow – not only guys. The eye for great quality content is clear from Charlie’s feed which leaves you wanting more. Oh, and did I mention he has a dog too? *heart eyes emoji*


If you love a good door photo, architecture or blue sky, then Imii Mace is your go-to Instagram. Not only is this girl the sweetest person ever, her pictures are so cute and make you realise that there is beauty in just about anything – no matter how boring or dull you think it might initially be. Her feed is to die for and major #goals for everyone.

Imii Mace

The award for the realest, dopest and nicest guy on Instagram goes to Robin James and his most enviable life. His feed features grooming, lifestyle and the odd celeb (most recently the one and only David Beckham) so what’s not to love? His style is incredible, his photos are amazing and his hair is easily the 8th wonder of this world (it’s truly a spectacle that needs to be seen!)

Robin James

What would Instagram be without that one account that makes you just squeal with excitement at how perfect it is? Mine is Drew Scott and his amazing perspective of lifesyle and fashion! Not only does he feature luxury things that I could only dream of, he seems to be the most down to earth person which shows in his Youtube videos. His simple and monochrome pictures will be sure to give you #feedgoals.

Drew Scott

If you are one for colour and happiness, then Labels for Lunch and her awesome feed with instantly make you feel better. This girl shares my love for a nice door, is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks and makes the world a more colourful place that spreads positivity. She features cool make-up (not for me but it makes for a nice photo), high contrast images and the most amazing flatlays that makes her a definite recommendation.

Labels for Lunch

So last up, but certainly not least, is Charlotte Hole and her gorgeous Instagram that features insane holidays, amazing fashion and the most infectious smile ever. If you like to see integrity on your timeline, then Char is the one you need to follow as she speaks her mind and features exactly what she wants – even if others don’t like it. She is constantly on a plane, loving life and making me jealous but I don’t hate her for it because I enjoy seeing people doing what they love and deserve.

Char Hole

So they’re my recommendations of Instagrams to follow because they seem to be the ones that I go on regularly to see if I’ve missed any posts.

Are any of these your favourites? If not, tell me yours.

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