5 products I swear by

It’s May, yay!

And it’s time to step up our beauty regime to make us presentable for the world – especially because it’s now getting sunnier and we are beginning to venture outside more.

I’ve got a few products that I swear by (I use most of them every single day) which is the reason I look so flawless – no, I’m joking but I do recommend them if you want to keep your hair/face/body in top form.


I used to think that personal grooming was a chore and I definitely didn’t want to do it every morning – it takes way too long to look good and I just want to put in any effort. But finding the right products is crucial to making that routine a lot shorter and making it seem less like a chore and something that actually needs to be done everyday.

All of these products have completely revolutionized how I feel about grooming and now it’s something that I take pride in.

Hydrator from Scaramouche & Fandango


First up is making sure your face is in a good state. This Hydrator from Scaramouche & Fandango is glorious. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and makes your face feel less achy, more awake and ready to take on the day – whatever the weather.

The guava extract locks in the skin’s essential moisture, whilst the Chronodyn (special anti-ageing sciencey stuff) has been proven to help firm and tone the skin and fight against the signs of fatigue.

Under Eye Gel from Recipe for men


If, like me, your biggest giveaway for tiredness is your eyes, then having that little something extra to treat it is perfect. This Under Eye Gel from Recipe for Men is amazing and completely obliterates the puffiness and appearance of dark circles. The aloe vera and cucumber are well known gods to the skin, so the gel works absolute wonders to tired eyes.

Top tip: put the bottle in the fridge and use it straight from there in the morning to get a great ice-cold sensation to start your day!

Hair and Body Wash from Crabtree and Evelyn


If you’re looking for something to fix up your whole body, then this Hair and Body Wash from Crabtree and Evelyn will have you feeling fresh all over – right from your tip of your hair to the tip of your toes. The smell alone is enough to make you feel cleansed; the ginger and lime infuse together to give an exotic odour that is intensified when lathered up.

Styling Fibre from Toni & Guy


Now onto the finishing touches for your hair to complete your daily routine. This Styling Fibre from Toni & Guy is a wonder and works with every hair type – even mine, which is stubborn and doesn’t usually style for beans, so it’s great to find something that actually works and last for the whole day. Because of the strong hold, the putty is very thick so it’s best to apply to slightly wet hair so it doesn’t leave white bits in your hair – and after all the effort we’ve put it since now that would be such a waste. The fibre is great because of it’s firm hold, but if you do want to style your hair again then you can as it’s quite durable and flexible.

After Shave Balm from Crabtree and Evelyn


Another one from C&E, isn’t this a treat? This is an added extra if you’re shaving/trimming your facial hair every couple of days and need something to soothe your skin. This After Shave Balm is the same scent as the shower wash above so it leaves your face feeling completely refreshed and cool. It includes shea butter and sweet almond oil to help with repairing your face of cuts and it is great for your skin in general.


So there we have it, my morning routine and the 5 products that I absolutely stand by when I’m getting myself ready for a day.

I would love to know if you use any of these products or, if not, any products that you would recommend me trying next time – leave me a comment below.

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